VINTAGE AND VOGUE: Sputnik's Vintage featured in I Heart Costa Mesa

Had the pleasure of welcoming I Heart Costa Mesa to Sputnik's Vintage world headquarters. They do a fabulous job keeping their finger on the pulse of unique movers and shakers in Costa Mesa, California; a town many trendy and cool titans of industry have called home.

Sputnik's Vintage has called Costa Mesa home since 2016 and so I'm very proud to be featured in this awesome website (they have a podcast, too!) spreading the love from our city to the world.


Here's a key quote from the article:

Like any true historian, Hamby is curious about the story behind each article of clothing.
“Every piece I touch has me asking questions,” said Hamby. “I think, ‘Who owned this? Who was this fabulous, stylish woman or gentleman?’ If clothes could talk.”
Sometimes they can, like the case of the vintage Emma Domb ballgown passed down to Hamby by her great-grandmother. It was a sort of an early-life ‘gateway garment’ and served as Hamby’s entré into the world of vintage.
“My great-grandmother was a ballroom dancer,” shared Hamby. “This was one of her gowns. Unfortunately, it’s the only one we have, the rest were lost. I never got to meet her. She passed long before I was born. But wearing this dress makes me feel like I get to keep a little piece of her with me. I wore this to my winter formal when I was 15 years old. I was definitely the most over-dressed person at the dance, but that experience was just setting the tone for the rest of my life.”

To get the full story, head on over to I Heart Costa Mesa's blog (link) here.


Thanks to The Mesa Maven and photographer Brandy Young. Please keep telling awesome stories!

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